Fear of Rejection & Failure?

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You don’t fear rejection when you understand that you being accepted or approved is only by the grace of God, not your own strength. You don’t fear failing when you understand that you succeeding is only by the favor and grace of God, not your own strength.

Whatever God shuts down, is for your good. God will not withhold nothing good from His children.

Whenever God places you in a situation where you “feel” like you have come up short, access what goal God was trying to accomplish? A lesson? Circumstance for you to gain more strength and trust in Him? Building your faith?

CONCLUSION: Don’t fear rejection or failing and know that you being accepted and succeeding will be authored by our Father and not by your own ability. And if God authors something or calls it so….WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO FEAR!

Psalms 44:3-8


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