Why Do You Hate Mondays?


Mondays are the most dreaded day of the week, why? Most people cannot stand waking up from their slumber of Sunday to a day full of task, assignments, traffic and routine. Here are a few reasons why you MAY HATE Monday’s.

Reasons why you MAY hate Monday:

  • You dwell on the past of your weekend and free timeMonday’s are hard to face when you have had an awesome and fruitful weekend. You may like to stay in the moment of freedom and happiness for as long as possible. If your weekend was enjoyable and eventful, then waking up to Monday where the fun and festivities have stopped can birth much dislike.
  • You do not look forward to your job, assignment and or responsibilitiesMost people in the world, let alone America, are in jobs or fields of study that they do not enjoy or are passionate about. Monday is the return of their reality that they are awaking to a mundane, tasteless job.
  • You do not see Monday’s as an opportunity and momentum driver, for the rest of your weekWhile Sunday may be the foundation of your week, Monday is the opportunity to execute. Monday can drive momentum for the week, or tarnish momentum for the week.
  • Monday reminds you of “life” and you may dread Monday because, you sub-consciously and/or currently dread your life. The harsh reality, most people are not satisfied with their current life status. Monday is a day that unfortunately reminds people of what they don’t have and desire deeply.
  • Nothing “good” happens on Monday’s, or so we thinkWe believe everything “good” always happens on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It’s not our fault, because most “good” things are systematically programmed to be delivered on the weekends such as paychecks, events/gatherings and movies, just to name a few.


  1. Treat yourself on Monday’s instead of Friday’s. Have something to look forward to at the beginning of your week instead of the end. Go shopping after work, set up fun hobbies, schedule recipes and desserts to create. Make Monday nights the new Friday nights!
  2. Find 3 things to apply from church on Sunday, to Monday! Sundays should be the foundation for your week, and church happens to be on Sunday (for most people)! You should be able to receive applicable and practical wisdom from God’s Word and the Holy Spirit filled revelations to apply to Monday and your week! Get in a bible-based church that fulfills this for you so Monday’s become a day of execution!
  3. Go to bed earlier on Sunday. A good nights rest, the night before, can go a long way and refresh you for Monday. This will avoid the grumpiness of waking up to that early alarm clock.
  4. Wear your best outfits and prepare your favorite or NEW hairstyle for Monday. Again, have something to look forward to! Maybe a new style and new do every Monday will be the thing!
  5. Watch your favorite pre-recorded TV shows on Monday night, instead of the weekend. Use the weekend for spending time with family, friends exploring new activities and save the TV for Monday nights. if your favorite show comes on, on Mondays, you are good.

Monday, just like everyday is an opportunity! Each day should be treated as a blessing and gracious time from God to accomplish things that He has sent for us. We ask God to teach us to number our days so that we may get a heart of wisdom [read Psalms 90:12]. We do not want to waste time in despair, mumbling and ungratefulness when we have 24 hours to take advantage of!


Anymore suggestions on making Monday’s more enjoyable, comment below!


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