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How To Organize Your 2018 Goals!



The 2018 year will be here in 3 days! If you are anything like me, you looked back and saw, that the 2017 year was a blur and maybe you asked yourself, “What exactly did I accomplish?”

A lot of us should be intentional about our accomplishments and visions for our future and make a strategic action plan to utilize each month of the year, in order to progress in our lives and endeavors. The following are tips for YOU, to use for organizing your goals for the 2018 year!


Tips On How-To Organize Your 2018 Year!

  • Have long term goals and short term goals. Long term goals should be what you aspire to do within this next year, while your short term goals are set for each month, leading up to your long term goals. Example, if you want to save over $10,000 in this next year, set goals of how much you would like to save each month, this way the overall, long term goal of $10,000 seems easier to attain and you are motivated each month. Another example, if you want to lose 15 pounds by March 31st, set yourself smaller goals, to lose 5lbs each month leading to the end of March. The 15lbs don’t seem as intimidating.
  • Have tangible quantitative goals. Set numbers, times, deadlines and amounts to each of your goals to better gauge if you have reached your mark or not. For example, do not just express that you want to lose weight. Instead, you may want to write, “lose fifteen pounds before March 31st. In this example, not only was an amount set but also a deadline, pushing yourself to to utilize the months of January, February and some of March to reach your set goal.
  • Give yourself reasonable time to get things accomplished, but don’t take advantage of time either. You shouldn’t give yourself “too long” to accomplish a goal. For example , you shouldn’t give yourself until June to lose 15lbs when that can very well be accomplished within two-three months. By giving yourself too long of a deadline, you make room for you to be lethargic, unmotivated and procrastinate and leave options to “cram” at the last minute to meet goals or give up all in one.
  • Be disciplined, but re-adjust when you don’t meet expectations. You should definitely aim to meet all your goals when you set them, however, life happens. Notice, I said life happens, not laziness happens. The reason for pushing back deadlines should not be, due to your lack of discipline to get things done, but because of life happening-things that manifest out of your control. If these “things” that happen are a hinderance to your deadline, adjust and continue to push forward.
  • WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN! Technology is good and effective but there is something that happens when goals are written and/or typed to be seen in physical form!. Habukkuk 2:2 And the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that readeth it. When you write things down and then see it often, it produces a “run” inside of you to work toward what you already believe God has done for you. WRITE IT!


“Forward is forward, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to accomplish something. You much rather be moving forward, than stagnant.”


  • Organize Goals Weekly

There are 4 weeks, just about in every month. Frame out each week of the month and set task and assignments that must be “due” by a certain day of the week.


Sunday-Tuesday: Have one chapter of book manuscript finished

Wednesday: off

Thursday: Re-read chapter, maybe add in other notes or thoughts, research

Friday: off

Saturday: Review and edit your chapter completed

By using this example, you could finish a whole manuscript within 6-8 weeks or less!

  • Organize Goals Monthly

Again, just elaborating on the above, break down all your goals on a monthly basis. By December, you will be able to see the fruit of all your labor, sacrifice and discipline.

  • Organize Goals Quarterly

Maybe a goal can’t necessarily be accomplished monthly, but maybe quarterly!


Jan-March: Goal #1

April-June: Goal #2

July-September: Goal #3

October-December: Goal #4


Let’s be intentional about our time given to us by Father God! Let’s make the most of this 2018 year!


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