F.O.M.O. Testimony

A week later after I made this video, I was looking at an email of mine on a MAJOR sale (uh oh the temptation is real). I clicked on the email to see the deals and as I was scrolling over some cute jackets and coats, THE HOLY SPIRIT GRABBED ME! I am sharing this testimony with you to let you know, you are not in this alone, God will send you His Spirit the ultimate Helper to remind you of your discipline in Him and keep you focused on the task at hand! After I had seen my own message, that I shared with everyone about F.O.M.O. I was confronted with the test myself! I exited out so fast! LOL I do not suffer from F.O.M.O., I am on a task by God to be intentional with my seed(s). Let’s Go!


This was the ad

fomo testimony 2


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