8 Things, My 8 Year-Old Self, Taught My 25 Year-Old Self! (MUST READ)


Even If They Don’t, Someone Will!

I remember, in the second grade, climbing into my parent’s office chair and logging on our Windows ’98 computer. I would usually do this on a weekend, maybe a Saturday, and open up the notepad program and began typing. I would write short stories (Only God knows exactly about what) and I even created my own newspaper. Ahhh yes! I remember my first ever Newspaper. I entitled it Key News. I figured out how to do the column alignment and everything, you know, to make it look “legit”. I couldn’t print the newspaper in color ink, because I knew my mom would yell my head off and say I was “wasting ink!”. So instead of wasting ink, I wasted “computer paper” by printing multiple copies of my first edition of the Key News. Man, I remember, I was so excited! Holding the 3-page stapled newspaper, I felt like I accomplished something. I just knew my content about forest fires (I recently learned a lesson on forest fires in school) and the neighborhood trash notice, followed up by a missing dog ad (I already has sponsorships on my brain) was going to be an instant hit with my family (I was only about a couple of steps to the front door in placing them in my neighbors mailbox!) I strategically laid an edition of the Key News, on our kitchen countertop, then my parents bedroom floor (You know, so they could have a copy with them upstairs), on the office desk and last but not least, “casually” by the front door, after all, that is where all the “real” newspapers go when they are delivered. Then I waited. I found myself getting restless with waiting for my parents to pick up my paper and read, so I went downstairs and began playing school, or whatever other game I was committed to at the time. Then, I heard my mom yell from upstairs, “Janay! Stop printing stuff on the computer, you need to ask first before you waste all this paper!” I heard her loud and clear from the basement and rolled my eyes. I didn’t take offense to it, after all she never watched the news, it was always my dad, so I just knew she had a lack of appreciation for informative content (haha mom, I love you but I was salty at that moment.) Well what did my dad think? I left from my activities in the basement, went upstairs, grabbed the only copy of the Key News I could find, and shoved it in my dad’s face as he sat and watched Seinfield. I was excited and explained to him this was my first paper and there was a special notice in the paper for him (the forest fires LOL). Can you believe this man did not blink once and kept his eyes fixed on the TV? I took my paper, looked at it and threw it in the trash, with all the other editions that were left around the house that my mother had threw away (LOL geez, tough crowd.) I brushed it off, went downstairs and continued with my games.


About a year later, when I was in the third grade, I wrote a book of poems, entitled, My Thoughts In Writing, which won first place in our Write-A-Book competition. Our Librarian had loved and enjoyed the book so much she recommended the school place it in their library! It didn’t seem all that great, I mean yes, I did put a lot of effort into it and my ideas were creative but I didn’t think the library would actually want it, nor was that my intended goal. My awesome mother, politely declined and kept my book, in which she still has it to this very day (thanks mom).  I recently reflected on that entire situation and God showed me what my 8 year-old self had taught me now?

  • Your passion MUST NOT be suppressed, just because other people have no immediate interest, Carry ON.
  • You could have the right idea, but wrong audience and wrong timing, still, Carry ON.
  • Don’t be disheartened when those close to you, may not take you serious, support and or understand the significance in what you are “creating” while walking out purpose, Carry ON.
  • What you may think is your “best” work may not be, and that’s okay, Carry ON.
  • Sometimes, your “intended” audience, is not the “target” audience or “people” God has for you, Carry ON.
  • An opportunity that you may view as nonchalant, could be an open door to GREATER, Carry ON.
  • You cannot predict your success, because Ephesians 3:20, stands heavy and true to shattering your expectations with the power and grace of God, so you must Carry ON.
  • Even if they don’t “get it”, SOMEONE WILL! Carry ON for the “someone’s” in this world!

If I would have let my parent’s first reaction to my newspaper, Key News, discourage me and stop me, even if it was unintentional, where would I be now? How would that discouragement have affected my pursuit of purpose and vision as I got older? Some of you reading this right now, have let discouragement from the past, hinder and cripple you in the God-led vision positioned inside you. You let people’s opinions, disinterest and your failures disrupt your passion and attention to what you love the most. This is why I created the LIVE E-Book Carry ON. As an entrepreneur, single woman, black woman, “starter loc, baby dreads” girl…and just Child of God, I still get attacked by the same method the enemy tried to pull on me when I was in the second grade. I’m grateful, I let God speak to me and Holy Spirit download into me the strategy to combat this thing now, and I want to share it with you. God gave me practical and biblical strategy to defeat discouragement, by exposing the darkness of it through simple, powerful, true, break-down, within the Word of God.


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