The Sure Sign, That My Little Cousin Is A Genius!


Ya’ll! My little 8 year-old cousin is a genius and I can prove it! Well, let me back up here, all my cousin’s are genius’, it run’s in the family blood (not the last name blood, NO! But the perfect blood of Jesus Christ within the Kingdom family, don’t get it twisted). I am highlighting my younger cousins of my family’s next generation because they are next in line to carry the mantle of the Lord and do things myself and those before me didn’t do, so they get highlighted right now. I have to share an experience about one of my little cousin’s in particular. For the sake of protecting his identity as a minor (and the fact that I’m not his legal guardian) I am going to call him Pedro for this blog. Pedro, is a genius! And here is the sure sign in which I knew how. Take note of this sign in your children (future children in my case), family members or people God will have you to encounter.

My mother sent me a video of little Pedro playing the piano. It was a video sent to her by Pedro’s grandmother. I could tell that the video was taken in a way, whereas Pedro’s grandmother did not want Pedro to notice that she was recording, in fear that he may become camera-shy and possibly stop. Maaannn, was I impressed! When watching this recording,  I listened intently. The notes being played were immature, but I could hear proficiency oozing from his fingertips as my little cousin’s hands scrolled across the black and white piano keys. I am thinking, “DANG BOY! Those lesson’s paying off! Okay Little Brown Bach, Little Black Boy Beethoven You Better do it! Okay Pedro ‘the next’ Wonder, Pedro Legend, This kid is a genius, I knew it” (in case you missed the references, Stevie Wonder and John Legend).


My hype session in my head came to an end, when Pedro stopped playing and said, “Okay that’s it, now back to what was I doing” LOL (This guy has so much character). His grandmother encouraged him and told him how well he did, and then the video stopped. I replied back to my mother, “Woooooowww was that natural? Or is he taking lessons?”, My mother then replied, “No that was natural she is going to put him in lessons”

Sayyyy Whattttt? Natural?


I couldn’t believe it! In my three weeks of piano lessons, (I quit, it wasn’t my thing, neither was the clarinet), I couldn’t even do that LOL. I was even more excited to hear that he would start taking piano lesson to mature, that which was recognized in him. OOKKKAYY Here it goes.

God spoke to me that night and said, “You never know what can happen, when you encourage the seed”. Did y’all just see what was written? (reread it if you missed the revelation). If discouragement can cause a God-led vision, talent or gift, to be aborted, squashed, forfeited and corrupted….then what can Encouragement do??????? What can investment in a seed accomplish for God’s Kingdom, based off of a vision from God?

Based on what I heard, I began to envision and think on the possibilities within THAT SEED. Based on what you HEAR from the Lord, you should already began to envision and ponder on the endless possibilities within YOU (you are the seed). NEXT, you are to take that vision from God and encourage yourself in the Lord, by investing in that vision! #CarryON, Move forward!

So here’s the sure sign that I had, to know that Pedro, and all of my other cousins, are geniuses…..there was no sure sign. I created the sign by what I believed through faith. The sign was, that there was no “life” there. That’s the sign, nothing. Sometimes a seed doesn’t know it’s potential until A word is spoken over it (encouragement, edification, education etc.). Then if that seed believes said word, it will grow into that word. I speak over my cousin’s lives and call them genius every chance that I get until they believe it, and once they believe it, they will grow into it. And they grow into it by making investments on what they believe in themselves, as a seeds of God.

Hebrews 4:16-17

16 Therefore it is of faith that it might be according to grace, so that the promise might be sure to all the seed, not only to those who are of the law, but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all 17 (as it is written, “I have made you a father of many nations”) in the presence of Him whom he believed—God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did;

Pedro’s skills were not all the way mature when playing the piano, and that’s okay. BUT to myself, my mother and his grandmother, we believed by faith, in something not yet fully matured and Pedro’s grandmother, decided to invest and encourage the seed, to see how the seed matures.

Encourage the seed! Will Pedro be a professional pianist one day? Who knows, but God’s will for His life will prevail. It is just the stewards job to make sure that it gives the seed the opportunity to mature in the gifting of the Lord.

You are the steward over your gifts, talents and vision. God has entrusted you and invested in His seed, His HolySpirit. He has literally given you supernatural ability from His sSpirit, that will coincide with your vision and gifting. Are you encouraging the seed (yourself) are you investing in the seed (yourself). #CarryOn with the vision! #CarryOn with the encouragement! #CarryOn with the Promises spoken over you! #CarryOn with that talent! #CarryOn with that idea!  YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHERE THE SEED WILL GO, IF YOU DONT ENCOURAGE IT BY INVESTING IN IT!

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