Fighting Temptations

This is not a movie, but real life...we are fighting temptations everyday-and Lord help us!
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Written By Guest Blogger: Tiara Sumner

As I sat in my bathroom grieved and frustrated with myself for giving into temptation, I asked God, “How did this happen again? Why do I keep doing this?” God immediately revealed to me what led to that grieved and frustrated position. It was an accumulation of certain things that I was watching on TV, my social media timelines and feelings of sadness that caused me to succumb to temptation. So, when the temptations came, the act of yielding to sin appeared to be the solution that was going to get me out of my feelings.  But like any sin, it’s only pleasurable for a moment. The issue with my situation was that I secretly believed that giving into temptation was more rewarding than God. I found more pleasure in sin than I did in God. The solution for my issue was to see God as more pleasurable than sin and in order to do that, I had to delight myself in Him.

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Delighting myself in the Lord included immersing myself in His word and building an intimate relationship with God. Through that relationship, God continued to reveal more knowledge and strategies to fight temptation.

Satan is very strategic when it comes to sending temptations because he will use anything or anyone to tempt you. In my experience, he would send temptations when I would change my routine and habits such as praying and reading my word daily, applying the Word of God to my life, or when I started fasting.

For example, he will send exes to your DM just to let you know how much they miss you and how often they think about you. Isn’t it funny that you receive these kinds of messages as soon as you decide to surrender your life to Christ? Sis, you haven’t talked to Daquan since 2008 and suddenly he misses you. Sis, it’s a setup.

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Another example, your goal may be to stop gossiping and then Messy Melissa, calls you to give you the “tea” and “lemonade” on everybody. Sis, it’s a setup.


I provided those examples, so you’ll be aware of the enemy’s tactics. The Holy Spirit allowed me to see his tactics so that I could be proactive versus reactive to temptation. One evening, a tempting thought came to mind, and I prayed to God to help me not yield to that thought. As I was praying, God told me to start praying preemptively.

The definition of preemptive is serving or intended to pre-empt or forestall something, mainly to prevent attack by disabling the enemy. Preemptive prayer is a spiritual warfare strategy that helps me to be proactive in fighting temptation because it prevents Satan’s tactics and assaults from manifesting.

Prayer and God’s word are our weapons to utilize when disarming Satan. For us to win, we must be proactive and make necessary changes to be victorious.

A necessary change could start with you being more disciplined by being mindful of what you listen to, watch on your timelines, and your conversations. Help from the Holy Spirit and discipline will help you become proactive in fighting against temptations. We aren’t exempt from temptations, and we will continue to encounter them, but they will not overtake us (1 Corinthians 10:13).
Satan tempted Jesus after he finished his forty days of fasting because he thought this was the perfect time to overthrow Jesus since he was weak in his flesh, but he underestimated the strength of His Spirit. With every temptation, Jesus spoke the Word of God, and we must follow Jesus’ example, so we can be victorious against the schemes of the enemy.

Our problem is that our Spirit is malnourished because we’ve replaced our spiritual diet with other “food” that isn’t conducive to the nourishment of our spirit. Whatever we feed our flesh is not suitable for our spirit. But if we feast on the proper food for our spirit, we can overcome temptation. Plus, we must saturate ourselves with the Word of God, continuously pray, and allow the Holy Spirit to be our helper because we can’t defeat the enemy without the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you happen to yield to temptation, I pray that you get back up, repent, and try again. Don’t allow the enemy to condemn you, make you feel guilty or shameful; remember God has given us grace and mercy. Seek God for forgiveness, then forgive and extend grace to yourself.  Here’s a list of scriptures to study:

1 Corinthians 10:13, Jude 1:24, Psalm 51, James 1:13-18, Romans 8:1, James 4:7

in order to help you fight temptation. I encourage you to ask God in prayer to reveal when you’re most likely to face temptation and areas that you need to pray over. God and I believe that you will win this fight against temptation!

Who is Tiara Sumner?


Tiara Sumner is a 27 year-old woman and native from Norfolk, Virginia. She is a college graduate in which she earned her Bachelor’s of Arts degree. She is currently working in an administration assistant role but her future career aspiration is to work within journalism as a content blogger/writer. Her hobbies include reading, completing DIY projects, writing, assisting small businesses, volunteering with her church and local community. She believes God wants her to continue to be a light in her unsaved family members lives, write for the glory of God and to start a non profit organization to provide emotional support, shelter and aid to domestic violence survivors and their children. She will be a guest blogger on JanayBrinkley.com to share her voice and encouragement. 


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