This Is My Season?

Picture it. Sicily, 1932…I’m just joking, but I’m serious. Picture it. Norfolk, VA. 2015….

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It was a chilly Sunday morning in January, and a tall, thin, brown skin man drenched with sweat stood on the light wood pulpit as he spoke out decrees and declarations for the New Year. After the sermon, the charismatic, humorous evangelist called for an altar call and I proceeded to walk towards the altar to receive prayer. As the other members and myself positioned ourselves and tried to make room for other members to join us, the evangelist looked down from the pulpit, pointed towards me and said, “The Lord said, this is going to be your season!'” 

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So, I received and rejoiced over the word God gave me; however, at that moment I didn’t know what the new season was going to bring to me in the following months.

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By the middle of January, I started a new job with a call center. The job came with a significant pay increase, excellent benefits, and a bonus check every month, so I just knew I was making money moves like Cardi B.


I thought to myself, “Yes! This is my season!” However, within two months I loathed that job! From monitored bathroom breaks or no breaks at times, nagging and disrespectful customers, and overbearing managers I was over it. Depression and anxiety slowly started to creep in like an unwanted guest. By March, I knew that I had to make the right decision for my mental state, so I decided to exit stage left. When I quit, I felt so relieved, until I realized that I still had bills to pay and my part-time sales associate position at the time, wasn’t going to cut it. So, like most people I started job hunting, applying for jobs left and right while I worked extra shifts at my part-time job. After going on interview after interview, I still didn’t have any luck. I was constantly opening emails from hiring managers only to read, “Thank you for your interest, unfortunately…” I’m pretty sure you know the rest.



If I can be completely honest with you, I was over it. I was over the job search, lengthy applications, interviews, and countless rejection emails. After reading the rejection emails, I would have pity parties and constantly asked God, “How can this be my season?” Until one evening, as I had my last pity party with a party of one, I decided to start writing about my process. As I wrote God challenged my perspective on the job hunt and he encouraged me to search for the lesson from this process.


During that time, I learned that it wasn’t the rejection emails but the constant panic, anxiety, and fear that I tightly held onto was the cause of my pity parties. I aimlessly walked in panic, anxiety, and fear for months before I walked by faith and not by sight. God taught me that I needed to trust Him beyond what I saw. As I began to walk by faith, meditate on God’s word and pray daily, I was able to witness God as Jehovah-Shalom. As I spent time with God, I had to admit that the pursuit of money led me down this road. I recognized that there is going to be a time when you must kill pride, humble yourself, pray for forgiveness and admit to God that you messed up and jumped into an opportunity that you knew nothing about but at the time it appeared to be good.

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As a result, I learned to consult God in prayer before making any moves because it saved my time from being wasted and my heart from potential heartache. In my prayer time, I practiced praying God’s Word and specific prayers, when it came to what I wanted and needed. Therefore, God answered my prayers and proceeded to blow my mind by the end of 2015.


In Mid-November of 2015, I witnessed God as a Way-maker. He opened the door for me to interview for a position that I DID NOT apply for and within the same week, I received a job offer. I received better pay, paid time off, excellent benefits, and holidays off just as I prayed to God for. At the end of 2015, I believed that it was my season. It wasn’t the type of season I had in mind, but it was far more significant. It is the toughest seasons, that produces the greatest results. I can say that now because that season caused me to mature spiritually, grow closer to God, and witness God be a good, good Father. And I pray that this will encourage you to continually trust in your Heavenly Father in any season you encounter.


Tiara Sumner is a 27 year-old woman and native from Norfolk, Virginia. She is a college graduate in which she earned her Bachelor’s of Arts degree. She is currently working in an administration assistant role but her future career aspiration is to work within journalism as a content blogger/writer. Her hobbies include reading, completing DIY projects, writing, assisting small businesses, volunteering with her church and local community. She believes God wants her to continue to be a light in her unsaved family members lives, write for the glory of God and to start a non profit organization to provide emotional support, shelter and aid to domestic violence survivors and their children. She will be a guest blogger on JanayBrinkley.com to share her voice and encouragement. 


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