How To Confront & Conquer Division Within The Workplace

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Can we be honest? It’s really hard to turn a blind eye to obvious division within the workplace. Whether it’s division based on race, gender, bias or performance…..the separation and tension is blatant and can make a work atmosphere very uncomfortable and distracting.

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The solution to confronting and conquering division within the workplace,  should always begin with prayer. A divisive spirit, or a spirit that causes discord amongst people, is a demonic attack against unity.  And because we recognize that it is a demonic attack, the conquering first begins in the war room, because we do not battle against flesh and blood (people) but against the rulers of darkness against this age. That means that there are demonic forces working through people, that attempt to infiltrate your workplace to  cause disruption (“unknowingly”), chaos and literally, attempt to make all hell to break loose.

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It’s important that when we pray/intercede, we have to ask God if this is our assignment to do more besides pray. After you ask Him and He convicts you to do more, He will give you a specific strategy to follow. Here are some tips to guide you during the process.

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Tip #1: Know who to talk to about the issue and who not to discuss the matter with. People love to talk about or around an issue and never offer a solution. Be careful who you discuss work related issues with at the job and in your life. People at your job may like to gossip and if they are not “proven” or the person God called you to partner with for a solution, they can be the ones to cause discouragement or negativity. Even people who don’t work at your job, can easily be the one’s to give you illicit advice on what to do, especially if they don’t know the situation in its entirety  or haven’t consulted with the Holy Spirit on what you should do.

Tip #2: Don’t be intimidated because of titles. Maybe the division is caused from someone at the “top”. If God called you to confront a “giant”, don’t be intimidated by their title. This is even more the reason to practice fasting to hear from God on the exact strategy to communicate and act.

Tip #3: Focus on the issue and the solution, don’t get distracted. When dealing with people issues, personalities can get in the way. A lot of times, we can become discouraged because of personalities don’t seem to cooperate. It is okay. Focus on the issue at hand and the solution that will be executed by the grace of God.

Tip #4: Have substantial evidence. I think this should explain it self. Don’t be led by emotions when confronting the matter, but have substantial evidence prepared for presentation. Again, depending on how God may be leading you, it’s important to always be prepared and professional when dealing with matters that may be sensitive.

Tip #5: Have a prayer partner that can war with you. It was never God’s design for us to deal with things in isolation. While we are cautious in who we tell certain information, it is important that we have one friend or mentor that will  pray and war with us for the cause of the Lord.


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