What You Thinkin’?

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Research suggests that the human mind can produce tens of thousands of thoughts a day. From the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep, thousands of thoughts bombard our minds. These thoughts could range from what to wear to work, what to buy for lunch, or which tasks do I need to tackle first for my business. There is no limit to the kind of thoughts we have each day.

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However, not all of the thoughts that come to our minds are that simple. Some of our thoughts can be sparked by our anxiety, fear, lust, insecurities, and much more. These types of thoughts are the ones that we should evaluate when they enter into our minds. We need to think about our thoughts and where they are originating from. Not all of our thoughts come from us, and most are sent from the enemy to keep us distracted and in captivity. Let’s take a more in-depth look at our thought life with two scenarios.

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Scenario A: The clock reads 12:10 am. Monica lays on her side in her queen-sized bed hoping that sleep will find her sooner than later. As she lays there, she has a random thought about her ex Reggie. She began to think of fine he was, how he made her laugh, and how she never had another lover quite like him

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all the while forgetting his toxic behavior. Her mind began to wander down memory lane as she thought of his sweet kisses, tight hugs, and gentle caresses. The trip down memory lane led her to grab her phone off of the nightstand and send Reggie the infamous text, “Hey Big Head, wyd?”

Scenario B: April is sitting at her work desk and casually scrolling along on Instagram, and she happens to scroll to a picture of an old friend who just got engaged to the love of her life. April thinks to herself, “Aww that’s sweet.” Then she sees a picture of someone who just closed on their new home and another person who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She placed her phone down on her desk, and she began to have thoughts of inadequacy. She thinks that she is a failure because she hasn’t had made any significant accomplishments in her life and she will never be successful as her peers that she sees on Instagram living it up.


Now with a show of hands how many of us have been like Monica or April? Sis, don’t be embarrassed because I have both of my hands and one toe up.

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And you may not have experienced either scenario, but you have had some questionable thoughts. I provided these two scenarios to point out the importance of your thought life. Some people may not consider their thought life because it’s not something that we can easily see. Since people are not mind readers, we think about whatever we want because we don’t have to worry about being approached about our thoughts. Guess what? God is aware of every thought that comes to our minds (Psalm 139:2). He is concerned about those thoughts of lust and inadequacy and how we respond to those thoughts matters to Him.

When you have those types of thoughts, what are you doing with them? Are you meditating and believing those thoughts or are you pulling them down? God wants us to get into a habit of pulling those thoughts down, so they don’t overtake us. Don’t allow the enemy to make you believe that you do not have the power or authority to pull those thoughts down. Also, we have to renew our mind daily with God’s word because it is the only way we will experience change (Romans 12:2). We have to shift our minds to think about things above, and we will receive peace (Philippians 4:8). God’s word is sharper than any two-edged sword, so it can change what you believe about yourself. My prayer for my sisters is that you examine your thought life and know that a renewed mind is possible through Christ. Remember with God all things are possible.


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