The Basics of Soul Ties (By: Thuli Dube)

(Written By Thuli Dube)

Hi everyone, glad to be back and sharing some more with you. So, the topic I’m sharing on is an interesting one as there are a few schools of thought around it. I didn’t realize this until I was challenged by other Christians and they backed this up with scripture – and that is when I truly came to appreciate that revelation is indeed personal. As such, I initially hesitated to share on this topic, however, I am not ashamed of the Gospel and my faith and so I will go ahead and share 😊 I’ll be quick to add a disclaimer though that this is not my field of expertise. And I encourage reading text from those that have mastered soul ties.

First thing to note is

not all soul ties are bad,

for example, the one we learn existed between Jonathan and David in 1 Samuel 18:1. Their souls had been knitted together by God. There are key relationships that God places in our lives for a reason and purpose.

However, on the contrary there are times when we allowed our souls to be knitted together with people God did not design for us to be knitted to. These type of soul ties need to be severed.

I’ll share the basics on demonic soul ties.

Soul ties sometimes arise from the need to fill a void in our lives. Often, it’s at times when we feel empty that we allow any and every relationship to be fostered, including toxic relationships. And when we are in a broken place, we allow these relationships to validate us. When they have validated us or filled a gap in our lives we struggle with letting them go. A key thing is to not leave room for empty spaces in your life. What do I mean? Identify any voids in your life and fill them with the things of God. Where you are lacking fill yourself up on the Word of God, where you find yourself lonely, spend time with God, in worship and in prayer. Avoid having idle moments as the enemy uses such points in our lives to return us to the places we are trying to exit from.


Having shared a few things here are the basics to severe soul ties,

  1. Prayer, communicating with God and letting him reveal toxic relationships that need to be severed
  2. Fasting, a sure way to break a soul tie is by fasting!
  3. Bold declarations binding/breaking any spiritual ties and attachments you shouldn’t be having. Coming out of agreement with any vow that was said while in a toxic relationship.
  4. Confide in someone and have accountability (the journey is short and easier for some, for others it’s long and it’s not as easy, and in the weary moments it helps to have someone to encourage and stand with you)
  5. Remind yourself that no matter what, you are making progress. When you see the carcass of the lion you killed earlier (like Samson in Judges 14) you may be tempted to think that you are not making any progress or that you are going backward, yet, at times, God uses the that same thing you defeated (lion) to remind you of how far He has brought you and the sweet victory. And from the thing you have defeated through God’s grace will come an amazing testimony.

Who is Thuli Dube?

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Thuli Dube, is a Chartered Accountant, Author and Publishing Consultant, who finds her therapy, healing and release in writing. Nurturing a beautiful love affair between her pen and paper, Thuli draws her inspiration from scripture, life events, pictures, almost anything! She has a heart for young women and a passion for youth education and empowerment. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, she currently resides in the Channel Islands. Thuli believes in living a purpose driven life and making an impact on her immediate community. She aspires to enable individuals to fully realise what they were created to accomplish. She also assists other budding authors with tools and skills to publish their manuscripts and distribute them globally. She is the author of ‘The Scent of Freedom, Rest in You’, a memoir about finding healing and freedom from the past and insecurities and learning to forgive oneself for their mistakes. In 2016, she was nominated for the Author of the Year Award for the 2016 Zimbabwe International Women’s Award and was also featured in the Gumiguru’s Zimbabwean Top 40 Emerging Leaders under 30 for the year 2016.


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