This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

JanayBrinkley.com focuses on the mind of the woman, through exhortation and education (biblical  and secular) with tools (blogs, videos, books, scholarships, courses) to assist them in crossing over into the promises God has for them, as they are ON THE BRINK, of a breakthrough!

This God-led vision was birthed inside of Janay Brinkley, back in the Spring of 2017 initially as just a blog. Since then, it has matured into a business, March 31st Ministries LLC, and has opened other opportunities for her as an author, philanthropist, public speaker and much more! Watch her interview on Good Morning D.C. to hear her story

This vision has been accomplished through many innovative ideas and endeavors, including the March 31st Ministries Fall Scholarship, published book entitled, God, Do You Like My Fro?, E-Books, Confidence Apparel and the sky is the limit! The mission is to grow this platform into a source for women to be re-focused on their God-led purpose, renewed in their thinking and re-direct their confidence to Jesus Christ. So many people, in particularly women, have settled in life and are not living the abundant life that God, our Father, has ordained for His daughters to live while on earth.

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