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CARRY ON with the God-led vision! Do you have the insight, education or the strategy to defeat discouragement as you carry out your vision for the year? This LIVE E-BOOK is just one click away from you getting what you need to defeat discouragement! You will learn HOW to defeat discouragement with a practical tool, when discouragement likes to appear, what to do when you lack provision for your vision and more! With the LIVE E-BOOK you just have to click, download, watch & listen as the content is instantly delivered to you upon purchase! You also can “fast forward” to the chapter you would like to watch & listen, with the chapter guide!(File is for computer/laptop as primary download, may play on certain smart phones, but play on smart phones not guaranteed, a google drive link is available as well)

Frustration, fear, insecurity…..let’s defeat this, this year and CARRY ON, with your vision!

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Discouragement is one of the most subtle yet forceful attacks of the enemy. If God has called you into a mission or given you a vision (entrepreneurship, ministry, new position, promotion etc.) you WILL face this attack. So when you are faced with this attack or when God allows this testing to occur, how do you defeat it? How do you pass? Do you defeat it? Do you continue with what God has called you to do or give up? We perish for lack of knowledge, we die spiritually because of sound biblical teachings and understanding. Click, download, sit back, relax (or take notes) watch & listen to the LIVE E-BOOK, CARRY ON! 

Also, the cool thing about a LIVE E-BOOK…you keep the content as long as you want and are allowed unlimited downloads once you purchase! This is an Mp4 & M4v file, which can be played on certain smart devices (smart phone and or tablet) but it is ENCOURAGED to download via CPU, and played with Quicktime player. A google drive file is available to watch on smart phones.

Chapter Content: 

Take notes, pause, fast-forward and replay the chapters you need most, with the chapter guide!

  1. Discouragement Basics (1:05)
  2. 3 Tactics of Discouragement (16:24)
  3. What Does Discouragement Look Like? (47:00)
  4. When Does Discouragement Appear? (54:13)
  5. Discouragement & Time (1:03:42)
  6. What To Do When You Lack Provision (1:11:35)
  7. Discouragement Kryptonite (1:22:31)
  8. Nehemiah: Supernatural Results (1:29:13)





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